Customizer - Design your own

Using your own artwork

Before you upload your own artwork, we will like for you to take time out and make sure the quality of the file you are submitting is good enough for print. Please review the print requirements section below customizer. We recommend, but is not required, that all artwork uploaded be in vector format for the best possible print. Vector artwork files end in .AI, .SVG or .CDR which are allowable file formats to be uploaded. If you are submitting raster (pixel-based) artwork to be printed, please make sure your files are in high resolution for the best quality possible. We do not offer refunds for items purchased using you own artwork. We will reject designs prior to production for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, bad resolution, or if designs are semi-transparent as such designs will result in poor print quality on colored products.

Vector design requirements for printing:

  • We support SVG, AI, and CDR file formats.
  • Your design must not exceed 15 x 15 inches. We recommend 11 x 11 inches as the ideal size.
  • Lines and other parts of the design must have a diameter of at least 0.06 inches.
  • Please create each color in your design as a separate layer.
  • All objects and text to be printed must be converted into paths.
  • Make sure that all curves are completely closed and do not overlap each other.

Note: There is a maximum of 3 colors allowed for all specialty flex printing items (Multifunctional Scarf and any product with a zipper on the front).

Requirements for your pixel design:

  • PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file format
  • Maximum file size 10 MB
  • Image resolution at least 200 dpi for apparel
  • Image resolution at least 400 dpi for non-apparel
  • Maximum size 4000 x 4000 pixels
  • Design is isolated

Optimizing image resolution:

We print textiles at 200 dpi. The abbreviation dpi stands for dots per inch, and this provides information on the density of the picture elements. A graphic that is 1000 pixels wide, for example, produces a design 5'' wide when printed at 200 dpi. A 2000 pixel-wide graphic produces a 10'' wide design, etc.
A design with a low pixel width or height (for example, 800 x 600 pixels) cannot therefore be easily enlarged without loss of quality (for example to 4.7" x 4" or more). Because of the "missing" pixels, the print would probably look blurry and out of focus. So only upload designs with sufficient resolution and number of pixels. We recommend 200 dpi and a maximum of 4000 x 4000 pixels, so as not to exceed the maximum file size of 10 MB.